CPD session at St Mary’s primary school in Shenfield

Went to a CPD session today about making learning enjoyable – it covered areas on blogging, using iPads and other classroom technologies as well as current thoughts in marking and homework. Presenters included @guruheadteacher (Tom Sherrington) @Deputy Mitchell @beazeley (Chris Beazeley) and @Modblog1 (Chris Williams).

Best tips from the day that I will take back to help with iPad integration are:

  • Could use twitter/blogging to aid students with their EPQ research as they often have difficulty connecting with academics
  • Use of an app called Voice thread – allows a picture to be tagged with voices/sounds – great for demonstrating learning after a lesson?
  • Getting students to create their own SOW than have the students teach the lessons one by one with each of them being experts in one area
  • Taking iPads in residential/day trips so as to live blog back home and keep the school community involved
  • To get around issue of the school not having an iTunes account purchase iTunes gift vouchers as a way of buying paid for appsĀ 
  • Create digital textbooks with interactive content that students can follow (useful for science experiment methods) and also reduces the need for teacher talk – excellent app for this called Creative Builder.
  • The book idea could also be used during coursework or large project tasks so as to guide students through the process section by section with uploaded examples (photos or videos).
  • Promoting the use of blogs (one school offered a prize for the widest reaching student blog)
  • Could use a staff blog to demonstrate good practice/share ideas.
  • Making homework exciting and giving them a choice from a set of homework options – one particular quote that stuck with me from Tom Sherrington is the minute the student is doing it to please the teacher means the homework has lost its value.
I will be attempting to put some of these into practice from tomorrow and perhaps suggest some ideas to my colleagues.
Thank you to all the contributed to the CPD today at St Mary’s, Shenfield.


First blog post!


This is the first comment I have made on my first ever Blog site! My school has purchased a set of iPads and asked me to lead in its integration/staff training.

The iPads arrive into my classroom next week and I hope to keep a blog of all the triumphs (and inevitable pitfalls) we encounter along the way.

I am also on twitter and an avid attendee to any tech related teacher events in the Essex/London area.

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on this blog/on my twitter account are my own and do not represent the school I am currently employed by.